New to Eufy - I’m impressed and have a GeoLocation Questiin

I have been really impressed with Eufy system and it’s set up. The App is relatively easy to understand and I have integrated with Apple Home Kit successfully. All good.

When I tried to use the Geo Fence functionality I don’t think it worked…

When in Home Mode I am being alerted if the camera detects a person or motion. However if I switch on GeoLocation mode and I am at home (which is what is set within the app) I do not get the same alerts. Why is this?

Welcome aboard @TigEldon and glad to know you are impressed with your new eufy Security system.
I don’t think Geo Fence is accurate in setting the alerts, I don’t rely on this yet.
Make sure the alert/notification settings are checked in the same way as you have for “Home” mode to get the same alerts. Also, it depends on how the system reads your “phone’s” location to determine whether you are at home or away.
Send an email to for more specific questions. You can also use the live chat within the app.

Hi Eufy,

I recently bought your security system. I like the intuitive and fast setup. I also love that you have a geo fencing capability.

I have a question whether you have a suggestion for a security setup that would suit our needs.

I like to use geo fencing: not needing to set / switch off the alarm when you leave / enter your house. I see there are two options in the geo fencing functionality: home / away.

Away: trigger the alarm when a device picks up changes.

Home: For the home function we would like a dependency on time. We sleep on the third floor and will not hear burglars getting in when we are asleep, but we do not want to trigger the alarm when we are at home.

Do you have a suggestion for a setup that would best fit our needs?