New Indoor Cam 2k on the way?

Seeing how this model is about a year old now, any chance or info that a refreshed model is on the way soon? I’d like to replace all of my current indoor cams and the Eufy is the ticket, strictly for the HKSV support alone - but if a new model is on the horizon I’d like to wait it out.

Secondly. If my use will primarily be within HKSV, would I not benefit from the 2k model? I believe I read that HKSV feed is locked to 1080p. Would I be better off going with the 1080p model in that case?


What is it that the current 2k cam can’t do?

The only things I would want it to do would be full duplex audio and being able to connect to the homebase.

If you are using it in homekit then yes the 1080p version will be fine. But if apple open up to greater than 1080p then you’ll be upset you didn’t spend the extra $5-10 on the 2k version.

There is a new outdoor wired 1080p $80 cam. I don’t know if that offers anything over the current indoor cams.

Current indoor cam has poor night vision when compared to the $25 wyze v3

I previously ran Wyze products, but their lack of HomeKit support has me looking into something else.