NEW FLOODLIGHT not turning on its lights

I have owned a 1080p floodlight camera for years, its serves my front yard, getting almost 1000+ recordings a day from the passing cars and etc. I bought a 2k floodlight for its replacement, and put the 1080p in the backyard. But my 2k floodlight’s sensor is too good, that my neighbors front porch light is so bright that it wont let the light turn on. The new floodlight is useless since right now all it does is record, will never turn on the lights when motion is detected.

Basically the floodlight lights will only turn on when there is motion detected AND when the night filter is on. But my night vision filter never turns on hence my light will never turn on. This is very annoying. With no manual override.

Yuck! Hopefully you are not getting notifications. U might need to switch the 1080 back up front again.