New eufy outdoor cam wired false detections in rain/fog

The new eufy outdoor camera wired ( round one with magnetic mount) works perfectly fine except when it rains. It continously detects false motion especially at night when raining or fog. if it’s not raining then it works perfectly fine. I get no false detections. Tied lowering sensitivity to 3 bit still same.

I need all motion and cannot use detect only humans because at night eufy will miss humans as well if they are a bit far .
Is this a known issue during rains?

YEPPPERS! Welcome to all motion. Spider webs will turn it crazy. Here is my nightmare with this camera… The Shadow !!! Dum dum duuuuuuum

I need to detect vehicles so I also am forced to use all motion. I will get 150 events in no time flat if the sun is out. Unusable. It’s been so dry here in Seattle so rain isnt a big problem…yet. ( wait til October!!! )

Since there system is ai based, and they push updates to the camera, they are beta testing pets ai, i wonder if they will do one for cars? Seems like it would be kinda hard? Idk maybe if the ai spots anything with wheels it should pick it up as a vehicle or somthing.

I have 7 outdoor cams . 5 of them need vehicle AI. It’s the only answer. Not only for someone like me that needs to detect them… but it seem to be one of the biggest complaints on this forum that it only picks up cars in the street outside of the activity zone. Vehicle AI could be used to ignore a vehicle also.

Vehicle AI looks super easy compared to a pet or human. Big and boxy looking with wheels windows lights bumpers and license plates usually in the same spot… and a huge persistently moving object in straight line.

One nice thing about battery cameras using a PIR sensor for motion detections is it filters out rain snow fog spiderwebs and moving trees in the wind quite well. If the object moving isn’t hot… it can’t see it. Add a touch of sun… and now heat is involved and off it goes. This outdoor cam we are talking about uses pixel based detection. ANYTHING that moves is detected. And at night with the IR lights on ALL the time… it lights up fog rain and spiderwebs into a bright light show! AI is the only option on this type of camera. Like I said… all motion is useless outdoors unless your yard look like this:

Add sun… light breeze thru the leaves and tree … … useless!

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What is notice is that the higher the sensitivity of motion detection I set lower is the human detection. If I set motion detection to 4 or 5 ( I have 5 levels in my camera) then it captures the motion but does not put it as human instead just motion. However I set the sensitivity to 3 then it actually detects the motion as human. I’m not sure why maybe something to do because it’s a pixel based motion detection and with high sensitivity it picks up motion very soon and can’t recognize it as human yet and with lower sensitivity it takes time to actually detect motion ( more pixel changes needed) and so it has a better image for the AI to analyze. Anyways it’s just a theory only eufy can give the real reason! I’ll monitor the behaviour for few more days and I really hope I get around the rain detection problem by using human only because I live in Holland and there is some form of precipitation 300 days a year!