New Eufy Cam Siren At Night (On The Camera not Homebase)

I’ve had Homebase 1 with 3 Eufy Cams for 8 months. No issues. Recently Eufy replaced one of the Cams because battery started to lose its charge after only a week. Set replacement Cam up identically to the other 2 Cams I have, and I mean identically. During the first night (last night), the siren on the new Cam went off three times when my dogs walked past it outside between 3am and 5:30am.
I have never heard a siren on either of the other Cams, didn’t even know they could do that, and also didn’t know how to turn it off. The mobile app didn’t even give me the option to turn the siren off.
I have consulted this forum and found two suggestions: i) something to do with Automation under the Homebase setting - but I didn’t have any Automation events or triggers set up; ii) go into device Alarm Setting, but there is no menu option under device for Alarm Setting - this setting exists under Homebase but that is for the Homebase itself. I read that Alarm Settings can only be seen if Motion Detection is on and device Microphone and Speaker are enables; these are all enabled on all three Cams, but no Alarm Setting menu option.
I now can’t trust that during tonight the new Cam won’t siren again.
Any thoughts?

I think I have answered my own query but will share in case useful.
I had to disable my Schedule under the Security section of the App. I then had to go specifically in to the Home security settings and separately into the Away security settings. Then under each of these I was able to see what each Cam was set up for. And lo and behold, the new Cam had by default got the camera alarm (siren) setting on when under the Away settings, when neither of the other two had this enabled! I have disabled the siren on the new Cam and then re-enabled by Schedule.
So where I was looking for settings under each device, the settings are under the Home and Away items in the Security section of the App, and you have to click on these which disables your Schedule. So remember to reselect Schedule if you need to, after changing Home or Away settings.