New camera not charging

Just recharged one of my cameras for the first time since install approx two months ago. It had two bars prior to charging, I left it on charge for approx 20 hours, but is now only displaying 3 bars (half charge). Surely it should have full charged in that time?

Should add that it took about 4 hours to fully charge via USB when I first installed it.

Which Camera?

I have Eufy 2 cam’s and with them the app stated that with 2A charger they should be able to fully charge within 8-10 Hours.

You can also do it via the USB on the Homebase 2 (it should deliver the 2A)

Eufy 2C Pro.

20 hours should have been more than enough, but only went from 30% to 50%

My eufyCam 2 Pro and eufyCam 2C are still running on there first charge so unable to comment on that. However, the 2K doorbell is on it’s 2nd charge as of a few days ago and when it was charging (from below 10%) it took around 6-8 hours (I think). I do make sure the charge cable is fast charge 2A minimum, and also the charge is also 2A minimum and not damaged. USB charge cables can degrade over time but are cheap enough to replace so make sure you are not charging with faulty cable/charger.

What are you charging it off of? The homebase is the recommended…