New additions function independently?

Added 3 E camera and base a year ago and very happy with product. Decided to add 2-2K indoor and 1 E outdoor. In order to arm away I have to arm 3 different systems. Home Base, 2K Pan & Tilt, and 2K Fixed. What am I missing I have researched with no solution. Is there a 3rd party app that would help? I use the scheduling to make life easier and camera battery life improvement but even automation isn’t available for the new 2K cameras. Any help or comments would be very much appreciated.
Thank you

@Dahlman-Cameras Unfortunately, that is one of Eufy’s issues. They have yet to create an ecosystem where everything communicates with one another (homebase, floodlights, indoor cameras, wired doorbells, etc.). They have mentioned that some updates in the future will integrate some of these devices…but don’t hold your breath.

I’d like to see a shortcut where we can bundle our selected items so we can choose a mode that changes everything at one time, and not separately.

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I may just return them as it doesn’t make things any easier to manage for sure. Here I am very happy with initial purchase but this one not so much. Amazes me you wouldn’t build on your platform and not just your product offering. Thank you