New 2K Floodlight camera

So Eufy have released the new 2K floodlight cam. Anyone else find it bizzare that this new device doesn’t support Homebase 2 on day one?

Eufy claim it’s “in plan” now any Eufy owner who uses this forum knows exactly what Eufy mean when they state “in plan”

What a miss. I was holding out for this device, but now i’m becoming increasingly disillusioned by the Eufy brand. Any opportunity to build an solid and seamless eco-system is squandered.

Little or no Google Assistant support, no IFTTT, cameras that clear stored footage by pressing the exposed sync button. Is this some kind of joke?

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I have the same thoughts.
I’m super interested on this product but totally useless or with big lacks if the homebase is not supported. In the end, the indipendent file storage is the strong suit of Eufy Security.

What you mean when you say " what Eufy mean when they state “in plan”?? The support won’t be available, never?