Neighbours complaints

Installed eufy 2c Camera above my front door,
Neighbours complained that it was capturing public area outside my property & reported to local police !! Anyone else have complaints from neighbours??

Did the police act on it? Depending on where you are, that may be ok because it’s a public area, just like if you took random photographs in a public area. You monitoring a private area is the problem - just like if you used a camera to photograph their back yard all the time recording what they were doing in it.

It all depends what the prevailing laws are where you live.

Maintaining good neighbor relation is a different subject :wink:

I think it’s an issue in EU countries but in Americas nobody will bother.
One of the user was able to tilt the camera so that it will not capture unintended areas. I agree the camera has a wide coverage angle, but I don’t see other option at this time.