Negativity I got what I expected

Why is there so much negativity, the product I have which is the 2k battery doorbell ,two of them and the home base 2. It does exactly what it says it can do…

So either the literature has not been read or understood , so given the latter, maybe that could be addressed by Eufy…

I would like other options but I got what I paid for.

Thanks no real response required, but maybe support the Eufy team, and I am sure they will listen and respond

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I love my door bell it is perfect, you just need to tweak the sensitivity and motion detection areas and it works great

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As for the doorbell have you tried going in and adjusting your coverage zone and sensitivity, factory settings are pretty modest from the box

I’m glad that you’re sure they will listen. Surely you’re saying this from your past very good experience with Eufy support team. And how do you suggest we support the Eufy team? Perhaps you can create a go fund me page where we can all that have unresolved issues donate?

I also loved my Samsung Note 7. But for some silly reason it was recalled.