Need to turn tablet in portrait and back to see the full camera view and buttons

We can’t see the bottom 10% of the camera and can’t see the actions buttons, like push to talk (let alone playback button) because there’s a black bar at the top with the name of the camera shown instead of having it overlaid.

I need to flip it around every time to fix it up.

Having to flip it in portrait to be able to see the playback button is also ridiculous.

Tablet is Galaxy Tab S7+

Also related When using a tablet in landscape mode there's no way to go to "Playback" unless the tablet is physically turned sideway

Funny then once it’s been flipped around I can swipe the camera view to the left entirely and … nothing happen. Maybe make that switch to next camera, since you’re not letting us watch many at once.

It’s a bug… or boo boo… or a complete lack of beta testing. It showed up a few updates ago and not fixed yet.

I LOVE what you saying here. Makes sense… doesn’t it?

You can swipe right on Live view to see Playback on a tablet in Landscape mode. Works on 2 Samsung 10" tablets.

This is driving me nuts, Flipping a 12 inch tablet on a stand sideway to be able to watch a playback.

Anyone using a tablet to watch live cams at eufy?