Need motion detection exclusion zones

This is a fundamental requirement for any users with trees. My blowing bushes are setting the alarm off constantly. Thx

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There are settings for the individual cameras, under Motion Detection, called Activity Zone and Detection Sensitivity. If you haven’t tried these, they may solve your problem.

Depending on what camera u have, at the start I had similar issue, changed settings, first changed camera from all motion to human only, dropped motion detection sensitivity to 3 , then added activity zones to block out the Bush that was causing it, helped massively after doing all that

My #1 issue with any eufy outdoor camera. I need to detect vehicles so I am forced to use “all motion”. I am also fortunate to live with trees all around my property. Vehicle AI is my only savior unfortunately… and I don’t see that anytime soon. Sun…breeze and shadows are the enemy!

On a calm overcast day my camera system ROCKS!!