Need help understanding how to schedule a camera

I have an indoor 2k Pan Tilt camera that I would like to create a schedule for so that when my programmed schedule is in AWAY mode, the camera is on, can be viewed remotely, is constantly recording, and is sending out alerts for motion and/or sound detection. Then when the schedule moves into HOME mode, the camera is completely offline, not recording, not sensing, and not able to be viewed.

I tried doing this by clicking on the “Security” tab and customizing a “Schedule” for the camera. I created a schedule that comprehensively covers all hours of all days of the week with either a HOME or AWAY status. I then went to the AWAY mode settings menu and selected Video Recording and Notification. In the HOME settings menu, I deselected all options such as Video Recording and Notification. Using these settings, and having the Video options in that camera’s settings menu selected as “Continuous Recording” resulted in the camera always being on, but only recording and sending alerts when it was in the AWAY status. I want the camera to be completely offline during HOME status, but it was on and viewable.

So then if I change the “Continuous Recording” to off, nothing gets recorded. Then there is yet another variable option in the Video options of the camera, which allows me to set Continuous Recording to “Schedule”. But rather than being able to assign this option to the schedule I already created in the Security settings, it has a separate schedule here that apparently I have to set again if I want that camera to only record during a certain time of day? But even then, I bet that the camera will still be on and viewable 24/7 even if I was able to spend hours and days messing around with all the variables to get it to do what I want it to do.

So please boil it down for me. Indoor camera. How do I schedule it to be on, recording video, and sending alerts during scheduled times, and be completely offline and inaccessible during all other non-scheduled hours?