My NAS lost connection after turning on home base

hello guys, I have weird problem with my network.
I have almost all components from ubiquity network.
My AP’s, router, switch, NAS - everything is with static IP.
I bought eufy home base + 2 cams and it works fine BUT my Synology NAS stops working in few minutes after pluging homebase in power suply.
All other 13 network devices (laptops, iphones,tablets) is fine but NAS not - NAS lose adress, I cant ping to it, after rebooting it works 1 minute and all again.
If I unplug ETH cable from eufy - still not working, if I turn off home base - NAS works.
Of course I set diferent adresses - nas, eufy
It must be something with wifi what eufy base produce.
If home base is connected with ETH cable, is it still in wifi repeater mode? I have good wifi coverage at my house, maybe wifi repeater mess my network. But why only my NAS?
Any idea?
thank you for your reply