My equipment was stolen

Ok so I hooked up my system to catch what roommate, or roommates were breaking in to my room while I was gone. Well they broke in stole my router and my cameras. How can I prove to the police that the cameras are mine? The only thing I have left from the set is one camera. They also took the box and everything that goes with it. My receipt. Everything.

You are in luck. Even though the cameras are gone. They are still listed in your Eufy app. Just sign in and look at the device detail for the ones that are gone and you should be able to view the serial numbers under the section called About Device. That serial number is the same as is engraved on the base of the device. The device will show as off-line, but the detail should still be there.

If they removed the serial number from the camera, you van always start a stream if they haven’t reset the eufycam. Hopefully they’re not reading this topic…

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Sorry for the loss.

So did you get any notification for it or do you have cards in it? The only thing, I could think of is partly what was already stated but if you try to go get the cameras with the police, The roommates hopefully did not remove the sd cards from it or did you have a homebase and it was taken too.