My Doorbell 2K ( WIRED ) is OFFLINE! D:

Today i see that my Doorbell 2K ( WIRED ) is offline. I tried to restart, to test the tension and reconnect to the wifi but it’s still offline!If i push the button of the doorbell it work like a simply “doorbell” ( making it’s sound ) and the electronic chime in my house rings.
I see other users have my same problem!

I would also like to know where can i see the server status of Eufy? Can you guys link it to me?

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I tried to remove the doorbell from the app but now when i try to repeat the process of installation, after the tension test, the doorbell didn’t fin any WiFi! That’s impossible because there is over 5 WiFi connections in my street plus my Wifi.

did you ever get this resolved? I just purchased the 2K wired and hooked it up last night but can’t get past the wifi part. It will NOT connect to wifi. Just keeps coming up with Server Busy.

I have tried connecting to both my 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks but nothing.

I solved the problem by contacting customer support, who sent me a new doorbell.
Have you tried restarting the doorbell? When anomalies occur, it may be the solution to make a restart. Have you also verified that the tension is okay?
Also try removing the doorbell from the application and re-setup the installato.
You can also try to reset the doorbell from the physical button on the back or even disconnect from the power supply.
I had tried them all but in the end I had to contact the support who sent me a new doorbell for free.
Let me know if you solve!

I did all of the things you listed and still bad… Customer server said its probably a bad unit as well and wants me to send them all my info so they can replace.

I am sorry that the problem has not been solved.
I’m sure it will go better with the replacement doorbell! :slight_smile: