My camera is not picking up people walking up to my door

I have the sensitivity up (next to highest because highest alerts cars)

I have the zone set for a tall person walking up the walkway.

Camera doesn’t detect anyone until they get to the door or are walking away.

What gives ???

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Yo are not alone myself and others have the same problem

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I am giving this a week before I return it


Having the same issue. I didn’t change my motion zone nor my sensitivity. Even at a 4 or 5 sensitivity, it doesn’t even catch the person until they’re literally 1 feet from the door… Not what it was a few weeks ago.

What gives!?.. I bought this product after researching heavily but am starting to get annoyed by the server outages and random things like this…


I fear this is a recurring issue. I’m having the same problem. What’s strange is that I’ve set ‘Human’ detection to cover the pavement (sidewalk) outside my property and my pathway to the door, and the doorbell can see pedestrians walking along the pavement, but wont see callers until they’re either right at my door or walking away!

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The company is a cash cow! These same problems have been around for years without a fix or a apology but they continue to bring out new products with the same problems. Stop selling new products and fix your current products.


It has a range of 30 feet and a 5 second delay before it comes on. Average walking speed closes 30 feet in 5 seconds. Also motion detection is bad at detecting motion moving straight at it or straight away from it.

It gets better reviews than Ring which is why I got this.

We may have fixed the problem. So far so good

What did you do? Sensivity / motion zone setting change?

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I changed the sensitivity to max and changed the area to accommodate tall people and cut off the range at my bush line. See day night Pic here. We also added a motion sensor light for night that triggers the camera!

It has worked perfectly since.

I guess I’ll have to play around with it. I’ve got my motion zone relatively big like yours to accommodate most normal height people but the detection is still hit or miss.

Good luck!!