My battery powered video doorbell just went offline, won't charge and won't reset just off

I need help , my battery powered video doorbell just went offline and won’t charge as well. What can I do to fix this issue…thanks

Hey bubby please :+1:Keep us updated ?

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I have exactly the same issue, got any news on a solution?

Have exactly the same issue here too. Doorbell appears to have just died. Awesome… 3 months and no longer works.

This is about the 5th time this has happened. I can’t find a reset option on the device. The sync button doesn’t do anything. Every time has resulted in me deleting the device and re adding it and setting up the activity zones etc again.

It is kind of annoying now.

I just randomly pressed the sync button about 10 times due to it being unresponsive and it kicked into life.

I’ve already removed it from the app though so will re add and next time. I’ll try loads of presses on the sync button first.

If anyone else tries in the meantime, please let me know.

11 days before it’s gone wonky again

@Oggyboy Could you please press the SYNC button at the back of doorbell to see if it helps?

If the issue persists, please confirm the following information.

  • If the homebase is close to the wall/corner or ceiling;
  • If the doorbell is installed on metal door;

Pictures would definitely help understanding the issue.

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What are the settings of the doorbell? I had mine going offline when I set the quality to high instead of automatic.
Check the power manager stats to see if it is/was busy.

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I quickly pressed the sync button about a dozen times and it came back to life. Back up and running in a few seconds.

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Pressing the sync button (once) doesn’t work. I’ve had it do this several times now and I’ve tried recharging it etc but it’s just unresponsive. I’ve deleted it from the app before and reinstalled it to get it back working but the last time I discovered the multiple sync tap reset. Just not sure how many taps are required.

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