Multiple notification sounds , anyone had this problem?

I have a strange thing going on with the 2K Pan &Tilt cam , when I get a notification sound for an event, the sound repeats two times every time, sometimes even 3-4 times in a row, I even removed the camera and reset it back up, and it did not stop doing it.
It Does the same thing on 3 different devices 2 phones and a tablet.
I only get one notification on the screen per event

Yes, I have the same or similar issue. I have (2) 2k indoor cameras, and one 2k pan and tilt. I get two notifications noises when any of them trigger. First being my default notification sound for Android then immediately after it plays the notification sound I chose for Eufy motion alert. It’s super annoying. I reset the app and it didn’t fix it. This just started for me a few days ago.

I’m seeing this as well on my Note 20. I noticed by default the “Eufy Motion” notification category is set to silent, but to still visually show notifications. I’m wondering if this has anything to do with “doze mode” in Android.

According to Androids developer website, “Starting in Android 8.0 (API level 26), all notifications must be assigned to a channel.” So it seems that in this case they are not handling the default notification correctly and don’t have it assigned to a channel. The fact that they have the Eufy motion channel set to silent makes me think this is on purpose to fix a problem they’ve run into.

I’ve also had it show 2 “eufy motion” sliders under the apps notifications. One disappeared now, so it’s one like it should be. Eufy support is no help, they were nice enough to send me a new camera to try. That of course didn’t fix the issue. I’ve included a screen shot.

Eufy said it would be fixed in the next app patch, but it wasn’t. It only happens when you select the notification option with text and thumbnail. If only the text is selected, you’ll only get one notification. Like I said about though, it only occasional lists the second “eufy motion” in app notifications.

Eufy support responses:
“Our Android engineering team is now analyzing this case, and it should be fixed in our next App upgrade.”

“We have just upgraded the eufy security app to V2.3.1, if possible could you please delete the app and reinstall the newest version and see if the issue can be resolved?”

It must be a pretty limited problem. I have 6 android devices anywhere from version 5 -10 and haven’t seen this issue. I have the latest app on all of them and notification set to text and thumbnail.