Moving objects are choppy/blurry compared to static objects. Delay in recording


I installed the eufy video 2k battery doorbell and to my disappointment, the video is not clear enough to see people’s faces. There is also a delay in recording…meaning the person at the door can be missed if he/she walks fast.
Any tips of what I can do to fix the problems?


Make the activity zone bigger so that when you want it to start sensing you can see the full body of the person. The system only recognises a full human body and not just their legs.

You can also turn up the sensitivity

On mine I have made sure that the zone is as wide and tall as possible without including the public path

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Is video choppy for moving objects or people?

I changed the sensitivity to 5 and the activity zone to the whole area.

I’m wondering if the sensitivity problem is due to having stairs to the front porch (1 m high)…maybe the sensitivity only kicks in at the same height (flat surface)? This is why the video only records when the person is already at door or leaving (if it is a delivery). The video only starts when delivery person is leaving…I only see their back :frowning:

The doorbell is designed to stay in standby/ idol mode for most of the time until the sensors detect movement, this is why there is a delay, especially if the sensor can’t distinguish a full human body due to the step restricting its view. try and change it to only detect motion instead of humans.

And no the video is not choppy. This might be a connection issue. Try and download a video to see if downloads okay.

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