Move motion detection to Security Modes instead of Camera Settings

Very important, Motion Detection would be more suitable under “Security Modes” instead of Camera Settings. Benefits: User can adjust motion detection features such as “Activity Zones” for Suitable Modes. Example: When I’m “Away Mode” in the day, I would like to set my “Activity Zone” to less sensitive and closer to the door to avoid false detection. At night when I’m “Home Mode” I would like to set sensitivity to higher and the “Activity Zone” to detect my car in the parking lot. You cannot adjust the motion detection per the security mode under Camera Settings. This takes away from camera features.


I am amazed this is not a feature. I’m using the 2K doorbell and have been playing around with the settings all day wondering what I’m doing wrong but it seems its not possible then.
Similarly, I want to record all motion at night to protect my car but I want the motion detection zone to be limited to just in front of my door during the day to limit events.