Motion zone & detection

I have 3 outdoor eufy cameras but am struggling to set the motion detection zone because of the angles. I know I can set 3 zones to capture the are but is there a way to set the motion zone at an angle?

I wanted to upload a screenshot as an example but cannot. Basically I can only set motion zones with vertical and horizontal lines when I want to set it from 4 o clock to 10 o clock to match the view of my pathway from the camera.

There is no way of doing this at this time! The only cams I know that can are the doorbells currently ! They have a 6 point adjustable activity zone. I also wish they could adopt this as well across the board of there camera product line.

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Thanks for the info. I am also getting tons of false alerts. I tried different sensitivity settings to no avail. Sometimes I get alerts for birds but nothing when a human goes in to the zone. I have good signal to all cameras and live view is great quality but at the moment the cameras are just a deterrent if they dont recognise people. Disappointing.