Motion Snooze Schedule Feature

I just purchased my first Eufy Security product (Video Doorbell) for my new home. My previous home I used Ring products but I didn’t like the experience with their products and the monthly fees.

However, one feature I don’t see available for Eufy that Ring has is the ability to snooze motion alerts on a set schedule. I work from home and my wife works away from the home, and I go in and out of the camera’s FOV during the day which triggers a motion alert every time. I’d like the ability to set automatic motion snoozing on a set schedule such as M-F 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM or something similar.

It already exists you’ll be pleased to know. Click on the security tab at the bottom of the Home Screen, click on your HomeBase then choose the schedule option. You can customise by clicking the cog wheel, works really well for me

Thanks! However I still want notifications when the doorbell is pressed, just not when I go out front for a quick smoke and motion is detected. From what I see in the app that’s not an available option. The app doesn’t split notifications for motion vs. a “ring”.