Motion slow could be quicker

I just wish the motion detection was that little bit quicker, I’m sure all my settings are pretty decent but just seem about 2 secs behind when motion detection is triggered. I have the eufy 2k battery video doorbell, tried sensitivity on full and 3/4 and not much difference, to say the driver has parked up, rung bell and leaving within 1-2 secs before motion kicked in seems slow

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Hi. I’m new to eufy. Yes, noticed this as well. Was on verge of getting a refund. Only thing that held me back is the Homebase free storage. Hopefully eufy addresses this problem. :relieved:

Mine took 35 seconds to get the connection on 4G, no one’s waiting around for that long :joy::joy::joy:
Basically I’ve just got a very expensive doorbell :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

Hopefully sooner rather than later

I don’t have a doorbell cam. Reason is you don’t have many options to mount it. I believe your battery doorbell uses a PIR motion sensor. This type of sensor hates straight on movement ( like I see in your pic ). It likes cross screen movement . Like this.

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I agree but needs to be addressed if you have a walkway or drive and someone is walking down it

That’s interesting and good to know. I’ll keep this in mind as I’m still testing best places to my doorbell and cameras.