Motion sensor useless after recent update

My eufy 2c camera on my Front Drive was great up untill the most recent update( I assume).
Now it is missing everyone walking down my Drive unless they stop right at the camera.
It only picks motion up on leaving the house and walking away from the camera.
This is very recent as before it was flawless.
Has anyone else had this issue?

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AGREE! Mine worked flawlessly until 2 weeks ago. Now, it never alerts, records, etc. Useless unless live streaming!

Oh no… this is not good! Has anyone one from the company reached out about the issue??

Today it seems to have corrected itself and working normally again. Touchwood.

Today it’s back to missing everything. Not pleased, anyone at eufy got any answer?
One that doesn’t include re-adding camera etc.
How can something go from so good to so poor overnight.

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My floodlight cam is the same, you have to walk right up to it before it works, the sensitivity and zone settings makes no difference at all.