Motion sensor and alarm caméra only in "absent mode"

Hello everybody,
First, I would like to say i’m french, So excuses my bad english please :sweat_smile:
My problem is: how to make ring all my eufycam when my motion sensor detect something ONLY in absent mode?
I’ve tried with “automatisation”, but caméra ring in all mode :man_facepalming:
I don’t know if it’s understood clearly so please excuse my, but it’s because I have some motion sensor in the outdoor (terrace, garden…) and I would that 1 motion sensor make ring the eufycam !
Have à good day guy’s :wave:

Hey there, the trick here is to use the homebase alarm.
In the security profile, have the motion sensor sound the homebase alarm. Then, using automation, make the cameras sound their alarm when the homebase alarm is active.
That should make it work as you want!