Motion sensing randomly stops working til reboot (resolved)

Using eufyCam indoor 2k. I’m noticing that for about a month now, every so often my camera’s stop detecting motion. This means no notifications are sent and the timeline doesn’t turn yellow even when there is movement (i.e. baby rolling around in crib). The solution has been to reboot the camera to get it working again, but this has not been the case for my front door camera. I had several instances of activity today and not one of them triggered a notification nor did it turn yellow on the playback timeline.

I want to say this happened after a recent update in October? My father, whom is using one of the same Eufy 2k indoor cameras said he was having the same problem and I told him to power cycle it to get it working again.

Hi @ALT_F4 How is your wifi connection with these cameras? Strong?

Did you test the front door camera yourself by trying to walk in front of it and it did not record or send a motion notification?


WiFi is fine for all my cameras, but that shouldn’t matter because the timeline always turns yellow when motion sensing is functional and motion is detected, but that’s not happening anymore. So, as far as I can tell the camera isn’t sensing any motion whatsoever. I have a total of 6 cameras, 3 of which monitor for motion (2 kids rooms and 1 front door cam).

The front door is the only one I cannot get motion sensing to work for again. I did even try as you suggested and walked in front of it and did several jumping jacks. The playback tImeline didn’t go yellow and no notification was generated.

Resolved by support pushing a beta firmware to my front door camera