Motion Problems with Eufycam 2 Pro

I picked up a couple of eufycam 2 pros from Amazon on Primeday. Had them setup resting on my porch and everything seemed fine. But after mounting, I’m having lots of motion detection problems. Both cameras are mounted 10ft high.

I have it on 7 sensitivity, all motion, optimum battery. In daylight, it often doesn’t detect motion, and when it does the person is squarely in the middle of the frame. Very delayed. At night, forget it, I have to walk 3 ft in front to trigger. Conversely my Nest doorbell picks up the motion significantly better. If I can’t figure this out soon, it’s going back. Seems like this is not uncommon and there has been no fix. Also when on 7 sensitivity, I’m getting false alarms occasionally when there is no visible movements. I guess it’s possible a bug flew by faster than the video could trigger. Any suggestions? Thank you!


Bought on Prime Day and I’m experiencing the same issue. It catches cars going by but not people.

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I have five 2 Pro cameras and also experiencing the same motion issues. For some strange reason all my 2C cameras are much better in motion detection than the more expensive 2 Pro camera’s? All settings are on the highest! Very sporadic, but picture quality is fantastic!


I’m still within my return window. I’ll open a case to see if there’s a solution.

The same for me too.
Only one out of 4 movements in the yard is recognized. The camera is currently not suitable for surveillance. I increased the detection sensitivity to 7, nothing
changed. Switching the person recognition to all movements also had no effect.

The problem didn’t come until the beginning of July. Before that, everything was okay.


How long did you have it before the problems? Was there a firmware change? That’s actually encouraging if it used to work. That would mean they botched the firmware and there’s a chance to fix it.

They told me mounting it at 10 ft is too high and I need to lower it to 7-8, despite the videos in the eufy app actually say “at least 10 ft”. How high is yours mounted?

I got the cam on May 06. 2021 and the firmware update came at the same day.

My mounting is about 10 ft.

But before july everything was fine.

I’m not making much progress with support. They said it’s mounted too high, so I setup another camera and put it on my porch rail which is only 3-4 ft off the ground. And while there’s another 3-4 ft drop to the sideway, I’m having the same problem where video doesn’t start til they get further into the frame. This thing is going back.

I experience similar problems but with older cameras.
Try and reboot the homebase and see it makes any difference.
Since a few months back I need to do this regularly to get the motion recognition on the cameras to work.

Support is absolutely useless and won’t help, they claim its related to a battery fault in my camera (I have 3).
But after a restart of the homebase its all working fine for a few days…or a few weeks.

If you can return I would recommend doing so, the fact that you aren’t in controll of software upgrades (that I suspect triggered this) and a support that just don’t care, you can’t rely on the device to be working.

A shame really, its a brilliant system when it works…

Also having the same problem. Picking up every vehicle that passes on the street. Not the reason I bought it. So much for the person recognition. Bought it on prime day also. And until yesterday, I could pull up on my driveway unnoticed until I stepped out of the car. Now it picks up the car rolling onto the drive and notifies me before I have even finished parking.
The issue that concerns me most is that this is going to drain the batteries quicker. (Position means we are unable to use a solar recharger)
And that the storage on the home base will fill up a lot faster then the stated 3 months.
I hope that if enough people submit a bug report, that they update the firmware soon. :thinking: