Motion detection zones not working

Had my eufycam2 up for months and the motion detection qorked fine.
Took down for charging yesterday and now I cant get it dialled in. I bring the areas way off the public footpath but just seems like anyone walking past triggers the camera

Any ideas on how to get back working correctly

This happened to me on my first charge also. Cars that were picked up before the charge were now missed. Guess that’s the opposite. But, I learned how fine a line the PIR motion sensor will pick up or miss movement. At the distance I wanted the movement triggered on that camera… the movement needed to be in the lower half of the viewable image. With a very small adjustment up… it now grabbed motion like it did before the charge. Pulling the cam down I must have moved it very slightly. Try experimenting by pointing it down a bit and see if you can get it triggering the way it did before. I doubt the charge itself did anything…

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