Motion Detection With S330 Battery Cameras

I have recently installed 8 x S330 Solar Powered Battery Cameras linked to 2 x Home Base 3 units. Like many users, I was having issues using the camera motion detection facility to initiate recordings on the camera. I have a camera mounted on the front verandah of my house aimed along the verandah towards the front door, hoping to activate the camera recording as people approached the door. Motion detection was not activated until I walked 2m past the door.
Checking the mounting guide for the camera in the Eufy app, it states that the PIR motion detection built into the camera is more effective detecting motion across the lens of the camera rather than towards the lens of the camera. The issue was solved by adding a motion detector to the system, and positioning it where it will activate at the point where I want the camera to commence recording. This functionality can be configured in the Automation, using activation of the Motion Sensor to activate recording on the desired camera (both have to be connected to the same Home Base unit).

Guessing I’m going to have to spend another few thousand dollars to make these things work then :person_facepalming: