Motion detection stopped working

On Halloween of all days, shortly after an involuntary pushed firmware update, all of my Eufycam 2 Pro cameras went (and remain) silent. I can view them fine, but none of them trigger to record. I’m glad I have backup Blink cameras, but this sort of cloud camera fail is absolutely unacceptable. Needless to say, it’s high time for me to find a reliable security camera system.

Edit: I have power cycled the Homebase 2, power cycled the cameras, switched motion settings off and on, maxed out the motion sensitivity, all to no avail. Even the motion detection test mode does not work. SMH.


I’m having the same issue with three cameras that started after the time change

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I have both android and iphone. Randomly missing notifications only on android (adaptive notifications also off) and phone is not on battery saver. Have set eufy app to not sleep, i get most notifications but many are randomly missed (but get them on iphone)

I jave the same issue with homebase 2 and eufy cam 2
This is the worst…it is not recording at all

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I have random of these issue as well, turning off and on the motion detection works for me

We are having the same issues. It’s not detecting human motion at anytime of the day! We need a reliable camera system because we have already had our cars broken into. They need to do something to fix the problem!


Hi @altaic

Can you confirm what version firmware you received?

Is your homebase 2 plugged into your router via ethernet or wireless?

Thank you!

Hi @Joon1 @cheesecakebrook @Blackiestar01 @Raphael2 @ericfielder

Can you all please confirm the following?

1 - what version firmware you have?

2 - what model camera/s you have?

3- if your homebase is connected tot he router via ethernet or wireless.

thank you!

eufycam 2c, home based is connected through the Ethernet


You are the problem. You clearly don’t know how these complex security cameras work. Did you get the latest update??? Stupid people.

It’s a toy. And you are the beta tester. Congrats!!!

I live in your backyard eufy… (Bellevue WA) take my crap cameras and have a look at them. There is NO way they didn’t grab the 3/4 ton 4 door pickup dragging a giant camper down my drive with 3 eufy cams on it.

I know your cameras better than you do. They are crap.

Call me on this. I dare you.

It seems good after firmware upgrade

Motion detection randomly not working is still a problem and frankly I don’t understand why this isn’t getting more attention.

How can a security system that randomly stops working be rated any higher than 1 star?