Motion Detection Settings depending on time of day

Hello all,

I really need some help with something that I think is possible (or it should be). I have two eufyCam 2C cameras attached to a wireless base station. The cameras have motion detection on them with two different settings, “Human Only” or “All Motion”.

Is there a way to switch between the two settings depending on time?

I would like to have Human Only detection method set during the day but at night switch it to All Motion so I can also capture any widelife in the garden. Is this possible?

I know there is a Home and Away profile option but I don’t believe this allows me to change the motion detection method.

Any ideas?


No. Would be great for me as I have to switch cameras off because of sun at certain times a day. If I could switch to human only for that time I would at least get some protection.

If your garden is dark enough for the camera to switch to night mode… it is already switching to all motion by itself. Cam can’t see well enough for human only detection.