Motion detection scheduling

Currently it is only possible to turn motion detection on or off. But wouldn’t it be nicer to have option to schedule motion detection?

For example you don’t want notifications in the morning when your household members are leaving to school or to work. Or in the afternoon. But you do want motion detection between morning and afternoon and in the evening and during the night time. It would be nice to pick the time even down to the minute.

This could prevent a lot of unnecessary motion detection messages and save battery on the doorbell.


Have you looked at the scheduling profile? There you can activate motion detection based on time.

Hi John. I looked again and I found some options under Security tab. Thank you for the tip!
But now I see that my selected profile was Home and I shouldn’t receive any motion messages with profile of I understood correctly. But I did receive them always someone was in the vicinity of the doorbell. Is this a big you think?

If the profile is set up correctly (deselected notification/recording for the doorbell), then maybe it could be a bug.

I created a custom profile Home night and used it to make a schedule so notifications are on only at night.

It would be nice if Eufy adds support for the motion detection as a setting on a profile basis.

This way you can use geofencing, so that on your away profile you can select motion detection to be turned on. This way you would be able get motion detection alerts only when you are away from home. Then on your home profile you can disable it for example as you are home so you notice intruders so to say.

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When notifications are scheduled off, what happens if some one rings you’re doorbell?

Scheduled on or off, does that mean everything on or off. Or can you make a difference between motion on off and ring the doorbell on or off?
It’s useless if it turns of everything
I can’t find a good way to set up a profile for the motion detection off during daytime with doorbell messages enabled when somebody rings.
And motion enabled and doorbell ringing at nighttime.


This is exactly what I want! Can’t find any way using scheduled profiles to have doorbell active and motion detection off during the day, then turn motion detection back on at night!
The only options right now are to switch it on and off manually (!), leave it on and get bombarded with videos of everyone coming and going or switch it off completely!


I really hope this features will come.
I’d like to disable the motion detection when everyone is leaving to work on the morning.


I want this too. I got 100+ video’s of motion during the day few days ago, so I tried the schedule mode, and now it only records motion when it’s night. But now it doesn’t record video when someone rings the door at daytime.

Bit weird that this is not a configurable setting, this would be a very logical setup.

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Someone already found a solution for time based motion detection activation?