Motion detection not working?

I’ve a new Eufy system installed a couple of days ago, Homebase and three cameras. All are consistently connected as I can watch the live feed at will. All register motion when doing the motion detection test. All have the sensitivity set to 7. Firmware is up to date. The problem is they only register motion INCONSISTENTLY. One minute they pick up a person walking up the step, then they miss the next one. Very frustrating. Any thoughts?


I am so glad you asked that question. I’ve had my system with 7 cameras for about a year and often have that problem. It’s not predictable and has happened with each of the cameras. Cars coming up and down my driveway are sometimes picked up and sometimes not. The worst was the other day when my neighbor heard some suspicious noise while I was out of town. He walked right up to my basement door and didn’t set off the camera. The backyard camera did spot him though.
Needless to say, while I enjoy watching my cat walk past my side garage door, I don’t feel protected with such a hit or miss system.

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I have been having this problem since day 1. I don’t receive 90% of motion. I’ve had this hardwired for over a year!!! This is extremely frustrating.

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Ouch …

I had some problems in detection after homebase2 firmware upgrade. What I did was turning off the cameras via app, then rebooting the homebase, turning on cameras and switching modes (to disabled then back home), do a test walk in front of cameras and confirm detection. Not sure if less would have sufficed or if it is best to physically turn off cameras, as no clearcut best practices guide exist.

I first tried with turning motion detection off and on, but this time it didnt work. But with above it started working :man_shrugging:t2: