Motion Detection not showing on playback

Got this response from Eufy customer support manager:

“The engineer is still in the process of analysis, and has not yet decided whether the yellow highlight will be removed in the end.”

I have the same issue on 5 cameras… does Eufy have any QA people?

If Eufy wants to fix the problem, it would have been done by now.

Eufy remains silence is an indication that user may not see these yellow markers in future.

I’m having the same issue!! such a disappointment!

Does Eufy directly monitor this forum? How much consideration or consultation do they have with their customers?

This feature still isn’t back. This is a big feature for nearly all customers. When’s it coming back to functioning again?

It might be time to look at other consistent options to have peace of mind that the product won’t suddenly alter. I’m still very dissatisfied at this.

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Same issue with both my camera’s. This option needs to comeback sooner rather than later.

Has this been rectified? App, as well as a firmware update are all up to date for me. Playback with motion detection is still not working. Has there been any updates? Is this working for others? It still hasn’t worked for me!