Motion Detection Issue on Doorbell

I have a Eufy Security battery video doorbell (1080p) - I received the doorbell earlier this week and it has been working as expected. I had noticed that as of yesterday evening the doorbell has not been logging motion detection activity.

There has been activity in front of the doorbell and it has not been capturing this at all, nor has it been saving any of the events in the app.

The doorbell can be rung and the indoor chime activates when it’s pressed. I can view the camera inside the application with no issues. Motion detection settings are turned on, there are no activity fields set so the whole camera is detecting, all motions is set and all settings show the motion detection is activated. Sensitivity has been changed but still no alerts etc.

I have performed a reset and this has not resolved the issue.

Has anyone had any similar issues and can you advise?

I am having the same problem since yesterday. I just pui the doorbell last week. I have a few days before I take it back to Best buy. I thought it was settings, but that’s not it. Thought it might be cold weather related because I’m in michigan.

I had a few issues at the start were the doorbell missed a few motion detections. It became very annoying and I nearly considered sending it back because of it. It does come down to playing around with the settings and getting the right feel on what works.
In my case, I believe I had my doorbell too far up on my front door. The mountain guide recommends 48inches, where I had mine about 51 inches. You wouldn’t think that would be an issue, but it might have been for me. I also added the wedge to my doorbell and gave it the angle.
Ever since I rejigged the position, my doorbell has worked fine.
Might be that you may need to rethink the position but if not, then definitely play around with sensitivity and activity zone.

I can stand directly in front of my doorbell in daylight, and NOTHING. No events. No alert!?

That sucks, sorry to hear that. I experienced that and it was irritating to the point I considered sending my doorbell back, but I have been lucky enough to get my doorbell to work with rarely any missed detections.

Have you reached out to Eufy about it?

I started uploading my logs when dealing with Eufy’s customer service team.

I have the exact opposite issue. My doorbell cam won’t STOP detecting things as “human”. Trees, plants, car wheels, garbage cans. The only way to make it stop is turn off motion detection.

I must have jinxed myself because I have had two missed detections just today - no recording, no notification, nothing. It has been absolutely fine until today - so annoying.

Where I am, we are having nice sunny weather and not hot either. I am curious if the sun shinning is causing issues to detection. If anyone experience this issue, please let me know??