Motion Detection is crap

So I received my Battery Doorbell 2k this afternoon, have updated all firmware and charged up… I have set motion detection to the highest setting and all motion but it doesn’t seem to detect anything😩

Will spend a bit more time with it tomorrow I’ve read a thread below saying the new firmware has been an issue. What sort of distance in theory should the camera detect?

Right now I can see this being returned next week.

Hey there,
Is the doorbell not detecting anything, or just as much as you expected? The activity zone, detection type and motion sensitivity play a big role in detection accuracy.

Hi thanks for the reply, no activity zone set. Motion set to highest setting and set to all motion but does not detect. I will see how it fairs during daylight tomorrow.

Doorbells usually have a very small detection zone. Try setting it for the full frame. Make sure it isn’t set for doorbell ring only.

@barkworth62 I’m not here to complain about Eufy, because I have invested lots of dollars in their security products and own many of their cameras. Overall, I’m really happy with my purchases.

However, with that said, I’m most disappointed with their 2K Battery Doorbell Cam. I have two of them and both have issues with battery life, motion detection, length of recording, skipping of frames from recorded footage, etc. The quality and images of human detection is great…but the other factors I mentioned are not acceptable. Especially, compared to their other products or competitor’s doorbell cams.

I’m hoping updates correct these issues, but that’s one thing about Eufy. They fix issues on their items through updates…but they have way too many, sometimes even creating new issues. So I appreciate their efforts on correcting problems, but focus on doing it right the first time, not the 8th version :wink:


Agreed dealing with really bad motion detection and activity zones. Feels like a ghetto radar detector. Will ping every Honda and pharmacy auto door, but cop car nah. Same thing with Eufy… Will detect everything except what you want

Motion detection works poorly here. Detection finds place when you are standing at the doorbell.

I am having the same issue with sunlight, snowflakes, light rain and leaves falling. I have set the motion sensitivity to 4 and still get 98 notifications and hour. All software is up to date and all cameras are charged, base is wired to the network, signal strength to cameras are good. I tried a Blink camera with NO issues… I don’t want to migrate to Blink because I like the eufy interface and local storage… but I have to consider a working system over a failing one… Could use some help Eufy… This is consuming far too much time troubleshooting. I have the Cam 2e

You should only be getting those notifications if you haven’t set ‘human’ detection, but have it set to ‘All Motion’. Try ‘Human’ detection and set detection zones.

I just purchased the wireless doorbell as well. I can not get the doorbell to detect me until I am in front and almost 2" away. It detects the back of the head of the delivery at my door. It does detect my car in and out of garage though. Very disappointing - I purchased the whole set up to add other cameras and was going to do same for my daughters house. Now I think I am going back to to return and start over - maybe Ring 3? I really wanted this to work.

@aer9999 I agree that the Eufy doorbell camera is less than subpar. To make this unit more functional, I have a Eufy Cam2 Pro which covers my driveway and helps trigger (through automation) my doorbell cam. Now I always get the individual approaching my door rather than them leaving. However, it’s unfortunate that we need another device to trigger the doorbell camera, BUT I now have multiple views of anyone getting near my door.