Motion detection degenerating, is it battery voltage?

Hi, I bought my Eufy battery video doorbell 23 dys ago, and motion detection was getting people walking past when set to 3, so I reduced it to 2 and all seemed ok. Now, 22 days later, the battery is down to 75%, which itself is not a problem, but the motion detection is down to a few feet. I turned it up to 5, but even then, walking past it not towards it, it could only manage about 4 feet, sometimes missing me. I am charging the battery now, but wonder if this is normal at a lower voltage, or is a problem dveloping.

That’s an interesting thought. I had a Eufy2 Camera do about the samething. Be interesting to see what the results are after you charge the battery.

Are you sure its not due to ambient temperature change? The Motion detection in all the battery cams is based on a PIR sensor that needs to see a temperature delta to denote an object and motion by that object. If the ambient temp goes up, it reduces the delta T between a human and the background temp. This makes it less sensitive. I have noticed that when temps increase in my location, I have to increase the motion detection sensitivity. When it gets colder, there is more delta T and you need to turn down the sensitivity. This usually happens slowly over time unless we have a sudden heat wave. The cameras can compensate for this to a certain extent, but eventually needs to be tweaked.

I live in the US in the PNW and usually only make changes to my cams a couple times a year, corresponding to spring and fall. It’s usually enough to change the sensitivty by one step. If you live in an area where there is a greater seasonal temperature change, it might take more adjustment.

Battery voltage shouldn’t make any difference to the cameras until the batteries are exhausted. Anywhere from full charge to less than 10% charge should all look the same to the camera circuitry due to voltage regulation.