Motion detection behind glass

Hello there. I’ve just unpackaged my Homebase 2 and a couple of EufyCams 2. I used both to monitor my front yard/front door FROM BEHIND GLASS.

There is no motion and there are no recordings so far and I am beginning to think that the Motion detection cannot work behind glass (which renders the system useless BTw). Please advise of any setting (distance?) in the software that I can use to make the system detect and record from inside the house out. Thanks!

All I have read about it is that this indeed does not work.
Have you not tested it when you set the camera up behind the glass? Would’ve been an relatively easy answer.


The outdoor ones are meant to be used outdoors so there’s no blockage, they are weatherproof for that purpose. The detection method they use will not pass through glass.

I have an indoor cam (which was $30 with a code I saw on here) through a back window with motion and pet detection zones set and it works great for what it is.

Picks up the kids messing around on the back porch and I have it set to trigger an announcement that calls to my dog if it detects him in the area.

I’ve had more satisfaction with that camera than any other, and it never ceases to amaze my dog. Best $30 I’ve spent so far on this stuff.

What they said above. The motion sensor on the outdoor cameras cannot work through glass. The indoor cameras will work (I tested it) because they dont use the motion detector. The indoor camera is “always watching” but only records when it detects changes in the viewed pixels.