Motion Detection and Android App

First of all, I’m disappointed in Anker. I didn’t expect to be but have been really surprised. I have installed my Wired 2K Video Doorbell. All went well including the notification on my Android phone as i finished the setup! All looked reallly well. Then he problems

  • After set up of the ones and sensitivity was all compled the first couple of tests were fine as we worked on the zones to make sure it didn’t get to many triggers…

  • Then we noticed it never was triggered by anything.

  • Then played with settings a little and it tripped the next time. Then it didn’t the next 3 times.

  • Then it rarely did anything

  • Then we realized the corners of the app didn’t respond properly to taps on them on my Pixel 4

  • It got worse. As it became dark, it never saw any motion. I stood in front of the camera waving my hand at one point and nothing.

  • I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I restarted the camera. Same problem. It doesn’t work at night at all. Oh by the way, that is an important time for it to work.
    I had some frustrations with my Ring doorbell, and after research bought the eufy. It is looking like a really big mistake now. I’ll see if something good happens here or if i contact Eufy in the next day or so. I believe Anker will get this resolved but I now have no security where i most need it.
    One other item is the website is not working properly either. What’s going on? Just spins and spins.