More trigger for automation mode


Could it be possible to add more trigger for the automations mode.

For example, I have some door magnet trigger in my home but I do not want to record a video everytime I am opening my doors.

It could be very useful to add a function where the trigger are only active WHEN the system is in a specific mode (Away) and not « «home ».

Exemple: if Eufy System is in mode -> if is open -> record movie from .

Hope it could be done. That would add a lot in the security


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This is a major missing feature of automation.

No one want all their automations in all security modes.

The easiest way to implement this would be to offer the option of Turning automations ON or OFF inside every security mode, in the same way devices are an option.

Like that in each security mode, you could turn ON some automations and turn OFF others.

I hope Eufy consider this improvement…

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