More than 8 Devices to HomeBase 2 Causes Offline

Long story short, I’ve been having the exact same problem as many other people here with cameras going offline, never coming back, the whole Homebase 2 going offline, and removing and reconnecting being the only fix. I tried all methods to no avail.

Then perhaps accidentally, I found out that this issue happens only if your Homebase 2 has more than 8 devices.

I now have 2 HomeBase 2, to power 16 devices. No issue for 2 weeks where I used to have this issue daily.

Just to be sure if my theory is correct, I added a 9th, and voila, the all devices connected to the HomeBase 2 with 9 devices started exhibiting the problems again.

Hope this helps and I really hope Anker investigates into this issue and update the firmware

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Makes sense. I do hope that they make it clear that the HomeBase 2 doesn’t realistically support more than 8.

Simular issue here, 3 cameras, door bell & 5 contact sensors and noticed the homebase going off line and back again.
May have to use the home base that came with the doorbell and move the devices to even out?


Alos found and advised by Eufy that the homebase can support 16 devices so whay now being told 4??

After weeks of stability, I tried adding a 9th device today. As expected, 5 of the 9 devices went offline…

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Eufy support has come back saying they will send through a firmware update in the next 48 hours to try and address the “Please add camera or sensor” error.

“Please add camera or sensor” error.
Is this the fix? does not seem right to me, they need to fix the core issue.