More support of Google Assistant

I would like eufy doorbell to support more Google assistant. I want to interact when people are at the door and not just watch the stream. I would like to see the possibilities of the app on my Google nest hub. Eufy works greate, but you have a lot of room for improvement. Eufy should be better than a normal video surveillance company.
Why is Alexa so hyped? Google assistant is better then Amazon.


I agree watching the stream is OK but being able to talk would be great. I had a Nest and it was able to interact with the doorbell. Also is there anything that can be done to speed up how quick the video comes up. It’s pretty slow.

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I’m sorry but this is not Google integration. I purchased the wireless doorbell based on the alleged Google integration. (Arrived today) and really questioning whether to return it.

Integration for any smart doorbell should atleast notify your smart assistant of choice. Streaming is not enough.

I also purchased your floodlight so I’m going to assume no notifications when motion is detected either.

Eufy was highly recommended please employ someone to resolve these issues as if Alexa can do it, Google is just as capable if not more so.

False hopes of a local storage wonder device. So close Eufy cmon

Seems like this should be standard operating procedure for a doorbell. We also purchased a doorbell and enjoy the feature set however main reason for purchase was the hopeful Nest Hub integration. On a mobile device, the integration is great. But as a work from home employee, the main reason for doorbell camera is to view via Nest Hub on desk without having to dig out phone to interact. Should be able to receive notification, view stream and provide audio as a bare minimum. Should exist out of box IMO. Hoping for some kind of an update in future.

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Great suggestion for you @eufy

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Several topics about google support but no response.

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