More Options on Notification-Settings

Would be nice, if you give us the Option to put various timelines of motion notifications and record settings based on timelines and geofencing status.
For example: notification and Recording when Motion in front of my house and i am at Home (geofencing) in the time from 7a.m. To 9p.m. Is Not neccessary, but between 9p.m. And 7 a.m., i Want to get a notification and want to record the detection.


Hello, I am new to the eufy family. Hi :wave:t3:

I’d love to see this feature too, and I’m honestly surprised that’s not already an option.

It’s really bothersome to get the motion notifications during the day when I’m in the backyard with kids. I don’t want to turn them off, because I want to get them at night.

Is there a way to set this kind of notifications?

Thank you, kindly.

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