Monitoring service appears to be worthless

I am new to Eufy. I bought the security system with keypads, sensors, and camera, and enrolled in the Noonlight monitoring service adopted by Eufy. The Eufy app does not integrate with the Noonlight monitoring service. When setting up the system on the Eufy Security portal side, the PIN that is saved to be used at the keypad for arming and disarming the alarm system does not get communicated to Noonlight. Currently, I am in the “practice mode”. When triggering the alarm by tapping the emergency button, a pop-up window in the Eufy app asks me to “Confirm your situation… Noonlight is texting and calling you now”. I was called by an automated voice recording (not a real human) saying that I was in practice mode. Eufy then sent a text stating that I was NOT in the practice mode and that emergency response personnel was being dispatched (that never happened). My inquiries to Eufy remain unanswered. The popup window in the Eufy app gives the option to cancel the alarm, then it requests the PIN. The app says that the PIN is incorrect. I have tried to change the PIN, nothing works. Now, I cannot get rid of the pop-up window to test the system again. I have triggered the alarm numerous times since then, but I have heard nothing from Noonlight (no human has called to check on me). I have no choice but to quit the Noonlight monitoring service because it does not work with Eufy. I am thinking of returning all of my Eufy security system to request a refund.

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Were you able to resolve this? I am going through the exact same problem and Eufy and Noonlight are giving me the run around.

Any update guys?