Moisture trapped on lens

Has anyone had the issue of water getting inside and the lens? I noticed that the camera picture was blurred almost like there was a dab of mud or dirt on it. When I checked it out, it turned out that moisture has collected behind the lens glass. It’s a Cam 2C

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Unfortunately yes. It depends on the location and angle of the camera. I don’t fault Eufy for this one though. It is trial and error to find the perfect spots.

Will it clear up on it’s own? That’s what I’m mainly concerned about. Thanks

I bought Hikvision Digital Technology DS-1250ZJ rain shade for my two cam 2c’s gives it that extra protection from the weather and also direct sun as well

Yes, it does clear up on it’s own after the rain even if you are not at the perfect location/tilt.

Thank you for reaching out.

We are so sorry to let you know that some times the humid weather will affect the camera, and the steams will easily gets into the camera lens.

If possible, could you please take the camera indoor and let ut dry off for 24 hours to see if the issue still persists?

Please feel free to reach out so we can have the enginerring team to look into this case for you.

Thank you so much for your patience. Looking forward to getting you taken care of as soon as possible!

My eufyCam E picture has become foggy. It’s mounted outside on the side of a raised deck facing downward and to the left. Took it down to take a closer look and it looks like there’s moisture around the inside next to the center of the lens. It’s not been a wet spring but there has been some recent rain.

If it’s inside the lens…I doubt it. Many people confuse general moisture in the air or on the lens as a fault. It’s not. Inside the lens… camera is toast.

I recently had the same experience after an abnormally heavy rain. I brought the camera inside, dried the exterior, cleaned the outside of the lens, heated the unit with a hairdryer, did a reset and then just gave it time to dry out. Considerable blurriness remained after the first day, but after the second day it had returned to normal. The picture is once again clear and crisp.

I’ve experienced this on multiple 2c cameras. Mounted under a fence cross member but they have to be outside to fulfill our monitoring requirement. There is clearly a design fault, probably the mic port but these are either for for purpose or not. They may let us down at a critical time, so it’s a real problem. Much cheaper cameras are water tight, so how is this okay?

The latest picture I’m seeing this evening from one of mine.

I’ve had issues with moisture getting into my cameras many times before. One completely died out, and two of them get blurry off and on. One of those is currently blurry. It’s annoying especially after investing so much money into this camera system. I’m just letting them all die little by little until I have few or none working (currenty running 8 of 9 cameras), then I’m going to look into my options for new ones. Not sure if I’m
Staying with eufy or going with a different brand.

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