Mobile app images not being updated

Just received my eufy 2c pro cameras and have been running them for a week.

When a notification occurs and I open the app. The front page/tab under “Devices”, the still image for each camera never gets updated when a notification occurs. I have the same still image showing from one week ago. See attached screenshot.

Is this normal? Or a bug with the app?

Thank you.

Eufy changed the feature in their app.


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We are seeing all sorts of issues on the app since the latest update. Thumbnail stills are just the tip of the iceberg. When I get an alert for motion detected and touch it from my notification, the video that is played is from a day or two prior and not the recently triggered event. Other times you just get a loading wheel with the recent audio but no video playback. All of this requiring you to go into the app and view from the event logs.

I am also having the same issue regarding thumbnail images being a few days old.

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Im having this same issue. Its making what was a good system rather frustrating and ready for the bin. With every update there seems to be more issues. I have screen shots from last year still showing.

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It’s not normal, they should update whenever you view the recorded video. I see the timestamp on your living room I believe it says December 1st?
If you hit the play button for live view does it update? Because it should also.
Try clearing the Apps cache to see if it helps.
Maybe… uninstall the app and then reinstall it??

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Yes I am having same issues .

I have also the same issue any one know how to solve this issue?

One thing I have noticed about the thumbnail updates is when you live view, let the image stay on screen for at least 5 seconds. Any less than this will not save the thumbnail and you will get an older copy. Sometimes, this doesn’t always cure the issue, but it seems to do so for most images. I orginally only saw this on my higher resolution 2k cams, but now it seems to occur on all of them.

Eufy’s developers seem to have gone downhill in the last couple of years. Their app and firmware updates don’t seem to have any testing done before release. Now they ae reaping the rewards from this by having multiple issues show up when they make changes. Spiralling down the crapper.