Missing motion event

Camera’s are missing a lot of motion.
Yesterday I had a courier van deliver something but the camera missed it completly.
My wife walked passed the camera and it recorded it, I walked passed it and it did not.

homebase 2 - version (plenty of disk space free)
eufycam 2c pro
v 3.3.8

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I’ve been noticing this, too. I have a door on a common area that logs all access, so I can correlate all events and see if there is a missing camera event, and it seems to be about 95%-90% catch (5-10% miss) with the 2 pro set to human mode and default sensitivity.

I just changed the sensitivity up a notch in the device setting this morning to see if the ratio changes.

I changed mine to increase sensitivity and look for all motion.
Still missed two cars arriving in our driveway.

It might help if we could see “when” screened events (what it deems false positives) were.
There are also some cooldown periods between detections.

Last night I managed to walk up the drive (covered by a EufyCam 3) and get to my front door, and only my doorbell picked it up.

I also get a neighbours movements picked up when they’re not in an activity zone!
(and the doorbell has activity AND ignore zones, the EufyCam 3 doesn’t have ignore zones)

I’m missing loads of motion too - definitely more than 10%
I have updated firmware to latest, moved motion sensitivity to max with both movement and person detection and i am still missing people coming in and out the front door.
I have 2k wireless video doorbell and 2c pro. Pretty much useless to me at the moment.