Missing more alerts and activity

Worked very well for two weeks now it is missing activity and alerts. Not even picking up post person or wife leaving house, no good if this keeps happening need to know who is about. Thinking of getting rid not realisable enough

Same here. And Same for indoor cameras. Motion detection sometimes seems to be completely broken and stuck. Maybe since last firmware update but don’t know. Restarting camera is not solving issue.

i’m on my second doorbell and homebase unit now, and experienced the same. notifications for ios and android worked perfectly for a week and then nothing… tried everything… reset the device, reinstalled the app, powercycled everything and could never get the notifications to work again.

my first unit was different, notifications never worked and tried all of the above. had to return it to Amazon as eufy support couldn’t help.

i would say the issue has to do with the firmware of the units. hopefully it will be fixed soon as i dont think i can be bothered returning this second unit for a third unit to have it stop sending notifications after a week

Only just got mine and, like you, after a week it stopped reporting or recording motion alerts. I reset, removed and resync’d the doorbell and it started working again… for about 12 hours. Tried reformating the SD card (which had been suggested) and rebooting the base… got two notifications and then, after about 2 hours, it stopped again. Infuriating

Add me to this list of sudden loss of detections - and this is the third of forth thread on this topic. Annoying and frustrating as a new customer as it worked fine for 2 weeks or so but now am missing lots of detections and maybe all detections as far as I know.