Missing footage

Hi, I’m receiving notifications that motion has been detected however, when I try to view it there is no recorded footage? Also if I look back on certain days when I know footage has been recorded, there are no events to display?
Please not that I do still receive footage however, it seems as though some disappears? I am the only person with access to my cameras (that I am aware of).

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I’ve had it happen myself. I have 3 2k cams all pointing in the same direction along the outside and from time to time one of the cams won’t record anything.

There is no video footage when someone rings doorbell although I receive a Person Alert on my phone. When I go in and out of the door it does show video footage on the events tab. Seems like it should be other way around. I’m also having a problem when doorbell is rung and it can connect to wireless. I get a retry message or it takes 35-40 seconds.